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Photo Bug Takes Over VISTE

The past two weeks at VISTE have been fabulous. Last week was commodity pick-up week. I ran around the warehouse taking photos. I was having a great time, and my pictures turned out awesome. I love the sunburst in these photos!

I also went out to deliver pancakes to clients. I took pictures inside the kitchen and while I was on the road with a fellow volunteer. The clients were so sweet. One family even had their breakfast table set up: ready in wait for our pancakes.

This week I gave my internship presentation for class, worked a ton of the newsletter that will be going this summer, and reveled in everything that is VISTE. These tasks required lots of photos, even ones of staff in the office. Ellen was very patient with me. Thank you Ellen!

School is picking up, so I’ve been trying to keep my head above water. Walking into VISTE in the morning is always the highlight of my day. I know what to expect now: the unexpected! I uploaded my presentation to Slide Share, and I’ll presenting it again to the VISTE staff in two weeks. Though I have about a month and half  left at my internship, I already know I’m going to miss VISTE when I leave.



Connecting the Dots: Public Relations and Web Development

When I first heard about VISTE, I was eager to take on a new challenge and do my best as an intern. In just under two months, I have learned more than I could have possibly imagined. I’ve written a proclamation for the City of Lakeland to declare April Volunteer Month, a press release with another on the way, and started planning the Annual Volunteer Luncheon.

My favorite task to date has been working on the new VISTE website. After taking a cursory glance at the website, you’ll know why we need something more. Our website tells you about VISTE, but lacks pictures, a press information, a calendar, and the general ability to adapt as the organization changes.

The new website will be launched in April. Stay tuned to the blog to catch a glimpse of some of the changes. The website will be more user friendly for volunteers, clients, and supporters. If you have any suggestions to improve the website, please leave a comment. The more feedback we can get, the more we’ll be able to help you.

Later this week I’ll be posting an interview with client who worked in television during the 50s.

AOII Makes Her Day

This past Saturday my sorority sisters and I helped clean the home a  VISTE client. Nancy Lanterman has been confined to a walker and motorized chair for a number years and hasn’t been able to clean her home since her husband passed away. Piled under years of clothes, dust, and dirt, Ms. Lanterman didn’t even know where to start.

I met Ms. Lanterman on a visit to deliver her commodities, and she was embarrassed by the sight of her home. She told me she was too prideful to ask for help in the past, but when Ashley suggested coming out to cleanup she welcomed us with open arms.

With the help of more than 10 other women, we scrubbed, polished, and organized Ms. Lanterman’s home and improved the living conditions significantly. My sister Tricia pointed out to me afterwards that more than half of our sisters stayed longer than we had orginally agreed upon. They wanted to make sure everything was done before we left.

On Monday, I called Ms. Lanterman about the project to get a quote for a press release about the event. Ms. Lanterman said, “I’m so relieved. There’s a lot that has to be done yet, but I’m going to go through it. I’m so pleased and thankful for all the help.”

Everyone loved helping sweet Ms. Lanterman, and we enjoyed spending time with each other. A lot of times, we as Greeks lose touch with who we are helping because we don’t see them in person. This project gave us the chance to meet the person we were helping. We knew we were making an small but powerful impact on her life. I’m incredibly proud to be a member of Alpha Omicron Pi, and I love my internship at VISTE.

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