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StumbleUpon Cures Boredom

StumbleUpon (the cool discovery and recommendation site I browse when I’m bored) reached 1 billion stumbles per month in April 2011. I was really excited to see that so many people find the site as useful as I do.

I’ve written about StumbeUpon before. You can add the StumbleUpon toolbar to any browser to make stumbling easy too.

Here are a few things I stumbled upon this week.

1. Silk – a site that lets you drag your mouse to create interactive artwork


Image Credit: "Silk Screenshot" by Megan Getter


2. Quotations of Dr. Seuss – my favorite of those listed: “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”


Image Credit: "Dr. Seuss Quotations Screenshot" By Megan Getter



3. S’mores Bars – I haven’t had a chance to try the recipe, but I want to soon.


Image Credit: "S'mores Bar Screenshot" By Megan Getter




Sharing Your Favorites

In 1999 the web was new, and AOL was the one of the major internet providers. In comparison to today, I feel odd anytime I use Internet Explorer. We’ve come a long way in the evolution of internet browsers, although favorites/bookmarks are still a staple.

Poppy Wedding

Image Credit: "Poppy Wedding" By Sarah Parrott

The days of pressing the little heart to add a site to your favorites have passed. It’s no longer practical to connect your bookmarks to single web browser or computer. These days we have something new: Social Bookmarking.

How It Works

Step 1: Create an account on a social bookmarking site. (I use Diigo!)
Step 2: Surf the web, and find relevant content (It’s up to you to define relevant.)
Step 3: Using the bookmarking service, bookmark the link.
Step 4: Add tags to the bookmark, so you can find it next time you’re looking for it.
Step 5: Share these links with others by using public settings or connecting with your friends.


Benefits for Students

As a college student, I can use anywhere between 2 and 5 different computers in a single day. Some of the school computers connect through a common user name, but they still don’t connect to my personal laptop.
Group projects become simpler and easier when group members have a common group on a social bookmarking site to post links relevant to the project. I like to use social bookmarking in combination with Google Docs (it also has a chat feature). I can link to a reference material and the project assignment page.
Additionally, you can have one tag for an organization or your school website. For instance, I have a link to the library page, career center page, registrar office calendar page, and school intranet. I also have links to course pages (i.e. professor’s blog and textbook companion website).

Do you use social bookmarking? Why and how?

Side Note: I love using StumbleUpon. When you like a page, you actually save a bookmark for the page. StumbleUpon is different from other sites because it recommends new sites for you. Also, a great cure for boredom.

Freaky About Social Media

I’m not a freak about social media (i.e. people who socialize more on the web than in real life), but I am a part of quite a number of social media…

I have a twitter account that I use to keep up with news from different non-profit organizations that interest me. I’m subscribed to too many news sources at the moment, so I’m looking at cutting those back.

I use my Facebook for almost everything. I find out about campus events, friend’s birthdays, post interesting links/photos/observations, send messages to various groups and individuals, and chat with friends. My favorite aspect is chat because past middle school most people don’t share their AIM, MSN Messenger, or whatever IM service they use like they share their phone number.

I use YouTube to follow my best friend’s Spain Vlog. She’s spending the semester in Spain, and it’s easier than making a Skype date to connect. Plus I can view her pictures faster on a video than I can on Facebook.

I also enjoy discovering new videos on YouTube. You never know what viral video will pop-up next, but you can always find them on YouTube. One of my favorites is Bed Intruder!

I think social media is very useful if you know the purpose of the medium in the first place. I never posted a video on YouTube, but I love sharing videos I’ve found.

The social medium I turn to the most when I’m bored is StumbleUpon. You choose topics, then click on the huge Stumble icon to find a random website. The more you stumble, the smarter your stumbles become, i.e. sites become more of what you like. You can also add sites to Stumble’s archive when you discover interesting sites on your own. StumbleUpon is better than Facebook for college students procrastinating or looking for their next blog topic.

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