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Your Time To Speak

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Image Credit: "master chief sings" by Ayton

PR OpenMic is a website that connects PR students, professors, and professionals. The site has a number of features that can give voice to and connect the users. The areas I liked most are explained below.


PR OpenMic has a great section on videos. One of my favorites illustrates Obama’s proposed budget cuts in pennies. This video makes Obama’s budget cuts seem insignificant in light of the overall budget. I especially enjoyed the side commentary that made the video really captivating.

I also found a video by Kent State that spoke to professors about PR vs. Marketing. I thought the video was informative and explained both sides well. My favorite part was defining PR and marking in under 10 words.

PR Web in Plain English was another video I found on the site. I’ve found that Plain English does an excellent job of simplifying complicated issues. This video explains how using the service PR Web can increase the exposure a single new release receives.


PR OpenMic devotes a lot of content space to blogs. After accessing the home page, you can click on the blog link to blog posts by users. One of the down sides is that PR OpenMic seems to limit the number of words each blog can be. I was unsatisfied with the short posts. I did find that some users linked back to another blog site where a longer blog appeared.

One blog that I particularly enjoyed was Platform Magazine. I posted a comment on “Sarcasm So Works Best” by Katherine Baker. The blog talks about the recent success of Jennifer Aniston and her viral video for Smart Water. Read the blog and watch the video = time well spent!


On their main home page along the right hand side, there’s a small section entitled “Music”. In this space you can find PR related podcasts. When I last accessed the site (March 10, 2011), there was a number of podcasts from “Inside PR.”

I also found a podcast by NPR on Social Media in the military. The podcast from Talk of the Nation interviewed Price Floyd from the Pentagon. He talked about the social media policies that the military adheres to.

What do you think?


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