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Guest Blogger: Joe Citro – “Google:1 Facebook:0”

This post features guest blogger Joe Citro. Joe is a senior at Florida Southern College majoring in Advertising. You can read the original post on his blog. Joe talks about google’s newest foray into social media with the +1 button.

Google : 1

Facebook : 0

Today everyone asks did you “like” my status or “like” my pictures? The real question is will “like” still even be used?  Today Google announced its rival version of the like button, the +1. This Google button will allow anyone to basically “like” something when searching for it.

The results from searching for something on Google are in the thousands, but with this +1 system you will be able to see how many people found a certain site helpful.  These tips will not only make your life easier but will give you the motivation to +1 a site that not many people have visited.

The goal is to +1 every site on the web allowing users to make an easier decision when it comes to questions of uncertainty while surfing the internet based off other peoples recommendations and +1′s.  You not only share this information with your friends and family but with the world, telling everyone I approve of this website!

I’m sure there are some kinks, such as how to regulate who +1′s a site more than once or how do you + 1 something if you want you identity to be private. So is time running out for the  facebook “like” or is +1 going to sink? Time will ultimately decide for us but until then I think people will use both services.


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