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Your Time To Speak

solider with mic

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PR OpenMic is a website that connects PR students, professors, and professionals. The site has a number of features that can give voice to and connect the users. The areas I liked most are explained below.


PR OpenMic has a great section on videos. One of my favorites illustrates Obama’s proposed budget cuts in pennies. This video makes Obama’s budget cuts seem insignificant in light of the overall budget. I especially enjoyed the side commentary that made the video really captivating.

I also found a video by Kent State that spoke to professors about PR vs. Marketing. I thought the video was informative and explained both sides well. My favorite part was defining PR and marking in under 10 words.

PR Web in Plain English was another video I found on the site. I’ve found that Plain English does an excellent job of simplifying complicated issues. This video explains how using the service PR Web can increase the exposure a single new release receives.


PR OpenMic devotes a lot of content space to blogs. After accessing the home page, you can click on the blog link to blog posts by users. One of the down sides is that PR OpenMic seems to limit the number of words each blog can be. I was unsatisfied with the short posts. I did find that some users linked back to another blog site where a longer blog appeared.

One blog that I particularly enjoyed was Platform Magazine. I posted a comment on “Sarcasm So Works Best” by Katherine Baker. The blog talks about the recent success of Jennifer Aniston and her viral video for Smart Water. Read the blog and watch the video = time well spent!


On their main home page along the right hand side, there’s a small section entitled “Music”. In this space you can find PR related podcasts. When I last accessed the site (March 10, 2011), there was a number of podcasts from “Inside PR.”

I also found a podcast by NPR on Social Media in the military. The podcast from Talk of the Nation interviewed Price Floyd from the Pentagon. He talked about the social media policies that the military adheres to.

What do you think?


Jump On Board with Social Media

In the podcast “Speakers & Speeches: Social Media, Friend or Foe?” a panel at a Ragan Communication conference mock pitches social media to a CEO. The panel discusses a wide range of topics including blogs, facebook, and management of social media within a company.

Image Credit: "Working Together Teamwork Puzzle Concept" by lumaxart

I learned about company intranets, which I found useful. I’m currently a student, and have little interaction with intranets. Florida Southern College uses the “portal” to communicate with students, but the site has limited functionality. I think it would be helpful if the site had more functions that instructors knew how to utilize. The idea of a college-based intranet was the foundation for Facebook after all.  Where do you see the future of social media and education headed?


The panel also discussed splitting the work load of a blog among the company’s employees. I know that many blogs I read feature several different contributors. Disney actually uses this model on their company blog. I think the model works effectively for them. Do you know of any other company blogs that clearly identify multiple writers and use the model effectively?

Best Buy‘s employee social networking site was a highlighted case study in the podcast. Best Buy created Blue Shirt Nation as an internal social networking community for their employees. The site link is currently down. I went out and tried to find another example of an internal community. I was unable to locate one. Send me another one if you find one. I’d be interested in seeing what one looks like.

Lastly, I heard the idea of a “cloud” come up several times. My understanding of the term is that it’s a place where digital information is stored and can be accessed. I googled “digital cloud,” and it seems that the term refers to any information on the web. Do you think the world wide web is a cloud or a storm of information?

To Blog or Not to Blog: The Art of Commenting

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When you first decide to start your own blog, you must keep in mind that to be successful, you have to master the art of commenting. Commenting is essential because it helps build a community that can lead to a solid fan base.

Here are some tips complied from half a dozen other blog posts related to commenting:

1. Post Substance

Nobody wants to read another “nice post” or “thanks that post was helpful” comment. Try to contribute to the conversation with something meaningful and worthwhile reading. Don’t saturate your comment with unnecessary links back to other sites.

2. Read the Other Comments

Redundant information is just as wasteful as thoughtless comments. Comment on other people’s comments and become part of the discussion.

3. Proof Read

One spelling error makes the whole comment seem unreliable, and few people will take you seriously or want to read your blog.

More on Marketing Comments:

eMoneyMakingOnline writes on the merits and hazards of comment marketing. They offered these tips on commenting:

  • Bring out the points which are not covered by the blog owner.
  • Suggest your ideas or your own experience with others.
  • Leave a link to your own article which closely matches or adds value to that post (no one will reject your comment).
  • Ask questions.
  • Answer questions.

More on Comments and Blogs:

The article “5 Tips For Making Great Blog Comments That Get Accepted” by Lee Dobbins suggests investigating the author the blog before posting a comment. You can gain insight into the article and post more relevant comments this way.

Based on the type of blog you comment on, you may have the options of “Do-Follow” and “No-Follow” comments. I visited OceanTara’s blog for more information. Basically the difference is in the link address and affects Google ranking of the site. Links with nofollow in the html code means the link will not affect the blog’s rank whose link is posted. Do follow will affect rank.

Blog Comments


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Insights: Another step forward for Radian6 and social media measurement

By Joseph Thornley


Great post. I think it’s really great that Radian 6 let’s you incorporate other media monitoring sources. It seems very similar to Facebook connect. Facebook knows people use other social media sites, so they let you connect them all. In the end, Facebook and Radian 6 both deliver better service by encouraging users to look at their competition.


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Small Businesses Benefit Most From Social Media, Study Reveals

By Phil Mershon


Great post! I think small business have a big advantage because customers can have a relationship with the owners themselves. You can talk to a real person on Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn, then do business with that same person in real life. People love talking to people. For small businesses, quality is much more important than quantity of interactions.


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The Biggest Mistake in User-Generated Content (Learning from LEGO)

By Joe Pulizzi


Thanks for a great post! I agree with Mark that this post is really about what it takes to have an outstanding community. Sometimes companies get so excited to find the tools that they forget about the people. Sally Hogshead wrote a book called “Fascinate” that brands who aren’t seeing a lot a passion could use. She does a great job of breaking down the traits that can be used to generate brand loyalty.


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9 Companies Doing Social Media Right and Why

By Amy Porterfield


Thanks for the great post! I like that you featured a B-to-B company in the post. I’ve found that they often have the most trouble figuring out where they should start. This post would be a great starting point. Another company that I think is doing a great job with Social Media is Chick-fil-a, a fast food chain the southeast. I’m a huge fan (no connection to the company). They feature a “human of the week” on their Cowz page, and offer rewards for loyalty.


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Google : 1 Facebook : 0

By Joe Citro


Great post Joe! I think the Google has had a lot of flops with social media. Google just doesn’t get social media. They tried and failed with Google Wave (see Mashable’s infographic on the long history). I don’t think Google will go anywhere with their +1 either.I wish Google would team up with Facebook to create a better Facebook search though.


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Swagger Wagon

By Allie Dunne


I love the Swagger Wagon video. I think Toyota hit gold with this video. I think it’s interesting that a lot of commercial companies have actually figured out what it takes to go viral. The Smart Water commercial with Jennifer Aniston was created to make light of videos going viral. Maybe half the trick to going viral is stating your intention of wanting to go viral in a humorous way.


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Twitterville Review

By Whitney Gonzalez


I liked this post a lot. I think the google “sucks” test is a great way to find out how people are talking about your company. Have you read “The Backchannel: How Audiences are Using Twitter and Social Media and Changing Presentations Forever” by Cliff Atkinson? It’s a great book about using Twitter during presentations. When we went to the Social Fresh Tampa Conference, they actually did this a lot. I think you’ll like “The Backchannel” since you liked “Twitterville”.


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Surprise & Delight: Remind Customers You’re Paying Attention

By Kevin Dugan


I think rewarding customers for brand loyalty is always great. I think if more companies did it, customers would be happier. Recently one of my favorite companies (Chick-fil-a) has taken on rewarding more. They don’t have a points program like Panera or anything. Instead they give loyal customers a chance to RVSP trying new products early. I think they’re program is effective because it encourages brand loyalty and creates excitement.


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Use Infographics to Kill Press Releases

By Todd Defren


I agree that infographics are awesome. As a consumer, I use infographics a lot. They’re great for presentations. However, I think you should always have a press release too! Never underestimate the value of SEO. It’s also very important to make sure the information you put infographic is worth sharing!


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Most Marketers Clueless About Social Media Conversations

By Amy Porterfield


I agree that social media can be overwhelming. With so many different outlets it’s hard to keep up.

I think one question Amy left out is…Where are your customers? If your customers are using Facebook for 80% of conversations, then that’s where the company should invest.

Forrester Research offers a great resource called Consumer Technographics. They highlight usage by demographic on different social mediums. It’s a free service for the basics.


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One phrase to kill from your writing, immediately

By Michael Sebastian


Thanks for the great post! I think there are lots more words out there. I want ‘interesting’ to go. When you say something is interesting you haven’t said anything at all. For example, “I thought the movie was interesting.” I have the same amount information as I did before. Are there any other unhelpful adjectives out there?


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By JCitro


Great post on the Smart Water video, Joe. I think you make a good point that Evian and Aquafina are going to have to set up there game to match Smart Water’s success. I think that viral videos have to be part of a larger campaign. I wonder what will be coming next. Maybe a Facebook page?


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Sarcasm So Works Best

By Katherine Baker


First off, I want to say that I really enjoyed this article because I hadn’t heard about the video yet. I found this blog post through PR OpenMic.

I think Smart Water did a great job with this video. I think it was truly a stroke of genius.

I was wondering if you thought another company could use similar tactics to have much of the same success. Is the first parody of viral videos as effective as the second, third, and thirty-fourth? I think people will catch on and start ignoring them. Then again, viral videos have similar trends, but videos go viral every hour.


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Nothing is More American Than Coke

By Melissa Rodriguez


The recent suits regarding products and their recipes seem to be flooding the news. Taco Bell and now Coke are facing more scrutiny than ever. I don’t think in the big picture the secret formula really matters. People buy coke, not for the taste, but rather the brand identity. I think coke will come out fine. After all, it’s faced bigger challenges (i.e. New Coke). Great post!

Clock number 11

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By Alexis


Alexis, I personally like podcasts, but I was wondering whether you think a video is more valuable than a podcast. If many producers already upload their podcasts to video sites, wouldn’t it make more sense to make a video in the first place? I think that videos are more interesting than straight podcasts without pictures.

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How to Create Your Own Social Networking Community

By Kristi Hines


I think that communities are great as long as you start them with a specific goal in mind. Increasing the conversation by reading what people write and commenting back should be the main purpose of any social media outlet. Also a big part of the research should be finding out whether your audience will engage through that medium. There’s nothing worse than spending time and effort on something nobody will use.

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Is Twitter to blame for the Ricky Gervais backlash?


I think more hosts should take note of his performance. Gervais gave one of the most memorable performances as a host that I’ve seen. His jokes weren’t over the top, they were spot on. These actors get tons of awards for doing a great job at something they already get paid millions to do. I think good hosts are hard to come by. Let Gervais host another, and the ratings will be huge.

Is there any comedy that could have done it better?

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Inside PR 2.40 – Taking it to the people

By Yasmine


Hi I’m Megan Getter, and I’m a student of Prof. Barbara Nixon at Florida Southern College.

With regards to Kenneth Cole’s ‘Egypt’ tweet, if it was calculated then, Groupon used the same strategy. The now infamous Tibet commercial caused a lot of outcry. I found a CNBC article that interviewed the ad exec who created the spot.

He said they elicited the response they wanted with over 50,000 new sign-ups. What does this response say about the American Super Bowl viewing public?

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Too much Skins, Not Enough Advertising

By Melissa Rodriguez


I have to agree that a show like Skins seems bound not to last in America. Maybe if it was HBO, it might have worked. I think it’s interesting that the advertisers bought ad time without even looking into the program. It looks bad that they had an interest in the show in the first place. It’s crazy how quick Americans will jump on the bandwagon of a bad tv show.

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The Movie That Changed Everything

By Alexis Gardner


I think the movie is great because it tells the story of our generation while we’re still living. I think it’s cool and pretty remarkable that a story about what is happening right now is getting huge props from the movie industry. I wonder what the movie of our children’s generation will look like. They will live in an era that will always have had Facebook.

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6 Buckets of Social Media Measurement

By Jason Peck


Under engagement, you might also want to add original material produced by fans. Fans of some companies create original material like posts on their personal blogs, YouTube tribute videos, t-shirts, bump stickers, and more. These creative efforts can be a lot harder to measure if fans aren’t posting them on your pages.

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5 ways getting an MBA can help PR pros

By Jackson Wightman


The article and all the comments were very helpful. I’m a junior completing my B.S. in PR. The college I’m at offers an MBA program, but doesn’t have any graduate level communication programs.

Does anyone know how an MBA compares to an actual communication graduate program?What are the pros and cons associated with MA in Public Relations?

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Got Passion?

By Brona Cosgrave


I agree that without passion for your client and what they stand for, your campaign will always fall short. As an undergraduate PR student, I see a lot of projects that are only good because the campaign leader fails to energize the team. Experience can’t cover up for professionals who lack interest in what they’re selling.

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20 Common Grammar Mistakes That Drive Editors Nuts

By Jack O’Dwyer


I think that you give the best explanation for effect v. affect. I’m a junior earning my BS on in communication, and I’ve found that my teachers have a difficult time explaining the rule. I think we get caught up in the exceptions and miss the intent of the rule altogether.

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Four Mobile Marketing Growth Areas

By Gini Dietrich


I think there is a huge opportunity for more business to use SMS and mobile web. I’m a twenty year old college student, and I’ve found that I eat more at places that have a mobile site. I wish more restaurants had menus that were easier to pull up. My local Chick-Fil-A incorporates SMS into sales promotions. I love the offer of free food anywhere.

Hi I’m Megan Getter, and I’m a student of Prof. Barbara Nixon at Florida Southern College.

With regards to Kenneth Cole’s ‘Egypt’ tweet, if it was calculated then, Groupon used the same strategy. The now infamous Tibet commercial caused a lot of outcry. I found a CNBC article that interviewed the ad exec who created the spot.

He said they elicited the response they wanted with over 50,000 new sign-ups. What does this response say about the American Super Bowl viewing public?

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