PR, Social Media, and Everything in Between

The past two weeks at VISTE have been fabulous. Last week was commodity pick-up week. I ran around the warehouse taking photos. I was having a great time, and my pictures turned out awesome. I love the sunburst in these photos!

I also went out to deliver pancakes to clients. I took pictures inside the kitchen and while I was on the road with a fellow volunteer. The clients were so sweet. One family even had their breakfast table set up: ready in wait for our pancakes.

This week I gave my internship presentation for class, worked a ton of the newsletter that will be going this summer, and reveled in everything that is VISTE. These tasks required lots of photos, even ones of staff in the office. Ellen was very patient with me. Thank you Ellen!

School is picking up, so I’ve been trying to keep my head above water. Walking into VISTE in the morning is always the highlight of my day. I know what to expect now: the unexpected! I uploaded my presentation to Slide Share, and I’ll presenting it again to the VISTE staff in two weeks. Though I have about a month and half  left at my internship, I already know I’m going to miss VISTE when I leave.



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