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Connecting the Dots: Public Relations and Web Development

When I first heard about VISTE, I was eager to take on a new challenge and do my best as an intern. In just under two months, I have learned more than I could have possibly imagined. I’ve written a proclamation for the City of Lakeland to declare April Volunteer Month, a press release with another on the way, and started planning the Annual Volunteer Luncheon.

My favorite task to date has been working on the new VISTE website. After taking a cursory glance at the website, you’ll know why we need something more. Our website tells you about VISTE, but lacks pictures, a press information, a calendar, and the general ability to adapt as the organization changes.

The new website will be launched in April. Stay tuned to the blog to catch a glimpse of some of the changes. The website will be more user friendly for volunteers, clients, and supporters. If you have any suggestions to improve the website, please leave a comment. The more feedback we can get, the more we’ll be able to help you.

Later this week I’ll be posting an interview with client who worked in television during the 50s.


VISTE Ball Spectacular

The room looked as green as golf course when guests enter the room. VISTE Ball 2012 took over Tiger Town, Lakeland, and the hanger became an indoor golf spectacular. VISTE Ball featured indoor Birdeball® games, putting, auctions, and enough food and drinks to feed everyone twice.

I had a great time running around taking hundreds of photos. All the photos are uploaded to the VISTE Facebook page. My favorite photo featured in this blog is a close up of the VISTE ball we used for the indoor games.
The highlight of the evening was the live auction with Jen Leigh auctioning off Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd. Other live auction items included dinner for 22, one week in Paris, and a one week stay in New York City Penthouse. While the price bracket was much too high for a student like me, maybe one day I’ll be able to afford the vacations in exotic places.

We also auctioned off a 1979 Pontiac Trans Am. I took a picture inside the car after the event. One of the perks of being an intern!

Other special events included a $10,000 hole in one (the lucky putter golfer didn’t even come close) and a golf simulator event.

I’d like to thank my sisters from AOII Kappa Gamma and members of the Florida Souther College Lambda Pi Eta (communication honor society) for helping with the event. You rock!

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