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Delivering the Goods

The first week at my new internship at VISTE is complete. I had a fantastic week of planning events, meeting clients, and the ever so challenging data entry. The highlight of my week was meeting and talking to clients.

Soup Can

"Soup Can" by stevendepolo

On Tuesday, Ashley Miller and I delivered commodities to seven clients. Commodities are the basic needs for survival and includes food staples, frozen meat, bread, and on rare occasions fresh produce. I met a range of clients: those with cleans home and those without, those who could drive and those who could not, those who lived with spouse/child and those who lived with a pet for their only company.

The one thing that stuck out in my mind was how grateful everyone single client is. The thanks was overwhelming. I got back to the office with a sense of enlightenment. One client, an elderly woman, was in tears when she discovered we walked into her home while she was sleeping to deliver food. You see her home has been neglected for some time because she can’t clean it when she’s stuck in a chair. Ashley and I have a plan to get home cleaned up. No one she cry because they’re ashamed of the way their house looks.

Since I saw her tears, I’ve made an effort to listen. To listen to what people around me are saying. To listen for silent tears we weep as our pride keeps everything inside. And hopefully if I listen I’ll be able to create the change I want to see in the world.


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