PR, Social Media, and Everything in Between

This week I start the cool PR internship out there. I don’t make this statement lightly. I know there are a variety of agencies and corporations of all sizes that have outstanding internship programs. Likewise, I’m there are also a growing number of non-profits that have outstanding programs.

However, I’m secure in my knowledge that I have found by far the coolest and most rewarding internship to be had in a 100 mile radius of Lakeland, …and dare I say it… in the whole country!

So why is my internship the coolest?

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"aliment" by alkaline mouse

1. I work for VISTE (volunteer in service to the elderly), and their misson is to allow people over 65 to live safe and independent in their homes. On my first day at work, I met countless volunteers and heard from clients who spoke about the amazing things VISTE is doing for them. Simple things like bringing a 70 year old man a hot meal because he can’t stand long enough t cook for himself. I work at organization that makes a difference in people’s lives.

2. My internship supervisor is invested in my future. From the day she hired me, Ashley Miller (the volunteer coordinator for VISTE) has been a rock star. She’s curious about my life, my growth as a professional, and ensuring that I have a good experience at VISTE. Ashley is everything you want from an internship supervisor. Flawless she’s not, but she’s pretty dang cool.

3. Because I work at organization that makes a difference in people lives, I know that what I’m doing makes an impact t00 I’m not sending out a press release so someone somewhere can have a little glory. Part of working at a non-profit means that every dollar we make goes back into helping the elderly. My coworkers share this knowledge of empowerment, and together we create a warm environment. You can’t walk down the hall without having someone say hello.

For those three reasons and more, I have the coolest internship this semester!


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