PR, Social Media, and Everything in Between

Viral videos – those videos that you watch on YouTube at least five times, and share with your friends as soon as you find them… and so does everyone else.

From Rebecca Blacks sad attempt at music video to Auto Tune the New’s hit “Bed Intruder” viral videos are as varied as the people who watch them. One of the simplest videos to go viral is “David After the Dentist.”

To go viral, a video needs authenticity (keep it real) and humor (make us laugh).

Authenticity – keep it real! Don’t play it up by begging for it to go viral. You have to create quality content before anyone will share your video (hint: sharing is a huge part of going viral)

Humor – make us laugh. By us, I mean who ever your target audience is. Don’t try to appeal to everyone. You will fail that way. Viral videos can be used as a marking strategy if you figure out the formula for your audience.

You can’t really plan a viral video. You can try, but there’s never a guarantee of success. Smart Water took a chance with “Jennifer Aniston Sex Tape”


My favorite videos are actually music videos.

  1. Bed Intruder

I love this video because the song is so catchy! Who can resist the lines? I think the Gregory Brothers are very talented (proof seen below). Antoine Dodson (the main singer in the video) received a  lot publicity after this video. The song can be found on iTunes where it’s a hit too.

  1. Swagger Wagon

I think Sienna’s swagger wagon video is interesting because it was create over a year ago, and recently made it around the web again. People have been talking about it on the web these past two months with increasing frequency. Compared to the 70 million hits Bed Intruder has accumulated, this video is a lightweight. I like it because it’s atypical. I haven’t seen anything quite like it anywhere else on the web. Plus, I can easily imagine my parents stepping in a swagger wagon when I was six years old.


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