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Giving it up for GAS

Image Credit: "Giving it up for GAS" By bitzcelt

After the incident with BP (See Gulf Oil Spill), Chevron decided to reposition itself from an Oil company to an Energy company. One of the ways Chevron tried to reposition itself was by creating a game.

The game is Energyville. Basically, a player starts in 2010 and tries to use different sources of energy to power their city. Chevron’s game is similar to SimCity. The options range from fossil fuels like oil and coal, to renewable energies like solar and wind. There’s even hydrogen and nuclear options. After the city is fully powered, some events occur, andt he city needs more energy to stay powered till 2030.

The game takes no more than 5 minutes to play. After you finish, you see how your score compared to others in your demographics and get access to an energy forum.

Chevron is ingenious because their game is effective. They used a single player two level game to get people to think differently about their company.

What other creative ways are brands successfully using to reposition themselves?


Comments on: "PR powers the future" (4)

  1. I found this blog post to be extremely enlightening, I honestly had no idea that this game was out there. I tried playing the game quickly and I really did learn so much in the five minutes I played it.
    I think that Chevron has the right idea here, this isn’t only a game (which people love) but you really do learn a lot while playing. I showed a few friends after reading your blog because I was really impressed by this game the Chevron came up with.
    If more companies start think out of the box like this we will be in much better shape. I think companies need to have creative teams thinking at all times about new ways to be innovative.

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  3. Really good post, Megan! I was completely unaware that Chevron was even attempting to make this switch, but with all of the negative press the oil spill gave BP, its a really smart decision by Chevron I think! I agree with Allie, in that this is a great way for Chevron to spread brand awareness and teach people about their company! Genius marketing strategy!

  4. […] Guest Blogger: Megan Getter Posted on April 16, 2011 by courtneysturgill15 This post features guest blogger and fellow classmate of mine, Megan Getter. She is a student at Florida Southern College majoring in public relations and interperosnal communications. I found her post regarding Chevron’s ingenious brand marketing strategies to be extremely insightful and informative. You can check out Megan’s original blog post here. […]

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