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Is Anybody Listening?

Image Credit: "Twitter Follower Mosaic" By joelaz

So does anyone care what you think? If so, does your influence really matter?

When it comes to social media the answer is an overwhelming YES! The Wall Street Journal wrote an article about social media influencers. These are the people that have the most influence over others on the web. They get all kinds of cool prizes and freebies from companies that want them to say good things about their brands.

I was wondering though… does social media influence equal influence in the real world? Do these people have the same influence on Twitter as they do on Capitol Hill, Wall Street, and Hollywood?

I think the answer is again yes. People like Barack Obama, Bill Gates, and Lady Gaga make powerful statements that ripple through their spheres of influence. For Barack Obama, I would argue that his immense social media influence was a primary factor in how he got elected.

I was being conceited and looked up my own score. @Megangetter has a score of 10 on Klout. Not so impressive. I was disappointed it wasn’t higher, but then realized that I don’t use twitter very often. Maybe one day it will be in the sixties. For now, 10 is fine with me.


Update: My Klout Score on March 29, 2011 was 29.  53 Reach | 14 amplification | 37 network

Classification – Dabbler


Comments on: "Is Anybody Listening?" (1)

  1. This is really interesting! I have never heard of sites like Klout before. I will definitely have to check out my score also. I am like you where I always thought I was so up-to-date with social technologies and medias; however, I had a huge reality check when I began our PR strategies class. I had never even heard of half of the social medias out there, let alone used them before. I definitely have some stepping up to do in my social media status.

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